No Quds Day! United against the biggest anti-Semitic demonstration in Germany!

More than 1000 anti-Semites demonstrating together agianst the existence of the jewish state, should be a good enough reason to raise public awareness and not hand over the field. Although the Quds-March is the largest regular anti-Semitic demonstration in Berlin, only few show willingness to protest against it. What sort of day are we talking about that makes thousands rally for the elimination of Isreal?

The Quds Day

The Quds Day was proclaimed in 1979 by the Iranian revolution leader Ayatollah Khomeini to rally support for the conquest of Jerusalem (Quds is the City’s Arab name) and the destruction of the jewish state Israel. The day is not only understood as resistance against the jewish state but also as a „day of struggle for the world’s opressed“. The claim that the „opressed“ should put up a fight against Israel is no coincedence but anti-Semitic tradition: The idea of a „global jewish consiracy“ that is responsible for all evil of present day was a central aspect of the national-socialist’s anti-Semitic propaganda. Anti-Semitism has been a key component of state-ideology for the islamic republic Iran since it’s foundation in 1979.

Anti-Semitism – the binding element

Anti-Semitic ideology characteristictly let’s the anti-Semites imagine that they are the victims of “the jews”. In the preface of his magnum opus “The islamic state” Khomeini declared: “The Jews were the first to start the anti-islamic proaganda and conspiracy.” The idea of a “global jewish conspiracy” has mobilized islamists for the past twenty years to demonstrate in Berlin. There they are accompanied by Neo-Nazis, Conspiracy theorists, and leftist Israel-haters. Together they demonstrate against Isreal and for the islamic republic Iran. Anti-Semitismitism and the united front against the US and Isreal brings together the different reactionary forces. Anti-Americanism, a general globalization-hatred, an ideological orientation against the concept of a liberal democracy and modern society bring together islamist, nationalist and anti-imperalist forces.

During nearly all demonstration that took place last year during the Gaza-Conflict zionism was imagined as a global power that controls the media. The paroles that were shouted during the past year contained not only slogans like “child-murderer Isreal”, “Women-murderer Isreal” and “zionists are fascists”. In Berlin part of the crowed chanted “jew, jew cowarldy pig”. In other parts of Germany crowds chanted “Hamas, Hamas, jews in the gas”, “death to the jews, Adolf Hitler” and “lying-press”. It’s an old anti-Semitic legend that the jews controll the press that is brought up every time it fits. These slogans also make use of old anti-jewish concepts. The anti-Semitic traditions are very obvious here and illustrate how anti-Semitism is transported via alleged criticsm of Israel. The other slogans and the postulations of the preacher Abu Bilal Ismail in the Al-Nur mosque in Berlin “Oh Allah, count and destroy the zionist jews” show the currentness of eliminatory anti-Semitism. In Wuppertal a synagogue was attacked with molotow-cocktails. This incident didn’t have serious consequences. The court saw no evidence to call it an anti-Semitic crime and quasi classified it as a form of Israel-criticism. The islamist anti-Semitic (attempted) murders in Europe, like those in Paris or Copenhagen weren’t enough reason for outrage in the leftist movement in Germany. 70 years after the military defeat of Nazi-Germany and the end of the anti-Semitic elimination project it is on us to object those who call anti-Semitism an imported problem. Not only surveys show that a relevant part of German population still thinks anti-Semiticly. Nearly every week jewish graveyards are damaged, jewish institutions still have to be protected and many jews still don’t feel safe where they live. The german anti-Semitism has a long tradition and show’s it ugly face regularly. At the moment however it can’t be shown as obviously as in the holocaust denying regime Iran.

Iran and it’s hegemonic policy

Above all, the Quds Day is a day of struggle for the iranian regime. It’s victims are foremost Iranians: tens of thousands oppositionals that have been executed since 1979 and also LGBTIQ* and people who averted from islam. The persecution of women and religious minorities like the Bahai are more sad chapters of the history of the islamic republic. The devastating impacts of the mullahs doen’t end at the national boarders: The destabalisation of Iraq was crucial for the development of the Islamic State (IS). The mullah regime supports the syrian dictator Bashar al Assad and his war against the own poupulation not only with weapons but also with troops from it’s Revolutionary Gards. Whilst the Hezbollah has been supported financially, politically, militarily and ideologically by Iran since it’s foundation in 1982, the mullah regime has also supported the Sunni Hamas. But not only that, the newest hot topic is that the regime is bragging that Sanaa in Yemen (the place where Iran provided the Shiite rebels with weapons) is now the fourth capitaly city in the arabic-world that’s under it’s control. The commander of the elite corps “Quds-Brigade”, Kassem Soleimani announced that the next country they will control is Jordan.

It’s time to take action

Misunderstood anti-Racism is not allowed to make you blind for the devastating actions of the islamic republic. As in the past years, this year we will again rise up against the Quds Day. Even if they are sailing under the flag of the political islam, anti-Semitism, hatred of LGBTIQ*, sexism and other fascistoid impertenences will not be tolerated by us.

Instead it is our concern to declare our solidarity with the jewish state. We will oppose the threats of annihilation by the islamic state and it’s supporters in Berlin. Our solidarity is with the secular and democratic opposition that are fighting for a downfall of the regime. Our solidarity is also with all people in the arabic world, in Iran or wherever fighting for freedom, for whom it is out of question to support the terror of the political islam and whose aim it is to live in a society in wich individual freedom is the condition for freedom for all.

Let’s go:

Solidarity with all victims of anti-Semitism, LGBTIQ*-hatred and patriarchy!

Solidarity with the emancipatory forces in Iran !

Solidarity with Isreal!

Bring down the Quds Day!

Bring down the holocaust denying regime Iran!

*LGBTIQ stands for “lesbian,gay,bisexual,transgender,intersex,queer”

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